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Welcome to Will Save, a weekly science fiction actual play podcast set in the universe of Starfinder! Join us in a universe rich with aliens, starships, and fantastic planets as we fight, discover, and laugh our way through betrayal, intrigue, revenge, and redemption.

Through storytelling, some dice rolls, the rules of Starfinder, and just a dash of luck, four strangers begin a journey that could unravel the silent secrets veiled in the galaxy's darkest corners. How far will they go for the truth? Find out as we play Paizo's "The Threefold Conspiracy" Starfinder Adventure Path!

Vinnie Rodriguez spent his younger years in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. The youngest of 3, he found himself drawn to music, and eventually the technical arts. Introduced in high school to the wonderful world of tabletop gaming by Jon and Brendan, he only recently ventured into the arena of GMing. Vinnie has always loved making things from scratch, whether that’s a wooden box, a song, or a frittata. He remains in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and two children

Colin Edenbrand is a human from the core of the Pact Worlds: Absalom Station. A worshipper of Sarenrae, Colin seeks to heal and uplift the downtrodden wherever he finds them.

Kevin Decker is a Southern California native. He returned to SoCal after 6 years in the Navy. He transfered to USC for Mechanical Engineering in 2016 where he met our GM, Jon, in a MATLAB course. In December of 2020, Kevin finished his Master of Science and now works as a mechanism engineer in the space industry. He loves comics, tv, movies, and playing Starfinder with his friends. He resides with his wife and son in Maryland.

RICK-19 is a Mk 19 Ringworks Industry Calorimetric Kineticist android from the planet of Akiton. He was enslaved in an ice mine in the corrupt town of Estuar until the Android Abolitionist Front (AAF) freed him and offered Rick the role of an AAF Bounty Hunter. RICK-19’s only wish is to return to Akiton.

Kelly Gilliam grew up in Southern California and attended the arch nemesis of Kevin, Nick, and Jon’s school, UCLA. After graduating he did odd jobs and lived in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres of our planet Earth. His Japanese is ok and he likes to play video games, with a particular penchant for city builders (Pharaoh!). He loved building websites when he was a kid and when in college and has since returned to that love and now does it full time as a web app programmer. He also likes 80s and 90s Japanese sports cars so reach out to his Twitter (@KellyGi43152731) if you want to gush.

Heerz Fabricius is a bug (okay, a Shirren) and used to be a pirate captain among the Free Captains. He was kicked out after he refused orders he morally objected to and rebelled against higher ranking captains in his fleet. He is at once on the run from assassins hired by the powerful among the Free Captains and on the hunt for a way back in and a chance at revenge.

Will “No Relation” Garrett was abandoned at birth by his parents whilst fleeing the destruction of their home planet, Krypton. Though slower than a speeding bullet, Will's known for drawing energy from the sun to fuel his superpowered sarcasm and charm. He claims to be born in Los Angeles, but we aren't convinced because nobody is actually "from" LA. Will is also an older member of the Will Save cast…. But he checks out...

Dr. Kontu Okkatas aka. "Dr O-K" is an Osharu, a slug-like race of beings whose home planet Pabaq is home to thousands of universities. As such, Pabaq, and it’s capital city Jhavom is home to many scholars and biomedical researchers like Dr. OK and his dearest friend and mentor Dr. Ajhione Boojdakis, who left Pabaq under mysterious circumstances, forcing Dr. OK to pursue.

Jon Swan did not grow up in Southern California like many of his “colleagues.” Instead, he grew up in the sports bastion of America, Jacksonville, Florida. It was there he learned from his father (who played 1st edition D&D) the mysterious ways of the dice and started playing with his friends (including GM Brendan Hainline of the podcast “How The Quest Was Won.”) He came to Los Angeles for his love of music and sound - he received his music degree first (where he met Nick) and then his engineering degree (where he met Kevin). He rekindled his love for role-playing games, random success/failure, and dice to GM this crew here! He lives in Los Feliz, CA with his girlfriend and cat.

Game Master: It’s your story, and I’m the world you’ve landed in. Rules as Written (RAW) when you know, Rules as Interpreted (RAI) + Rule of Cool when you don’t.

Nicholas Belcher (Episodes 1 - 47) has lived in all of the US. Born in Chicago (Il), he has lived in Los Angeles (Ca), where he attended USC, Omaha (Ne), Jacksonville (Fl), and returned to Los Angeles where he currently resides. Known as Belcher by many and Nick by few, Belcher has done all sorts of crazy stunts in his career as a performer. He’s jumped in bounce houses, stripped in front of a live public audience, put his face in cake, stood on tables, and engaged in countless moments of wild shenanigans. Now Belcher works as an outside sales rep, friend, musician, and jagaloon.

Nico Orion's father was a pirate and Nico is kind of an @$$hole…. So yea... don’t piss me off… Also side note, I used to own a weapons company before my mom got me voted out.